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The interview podcast about inspiring leaders and the motivations and values behind these people.

About Leaders Talk

Leadership needs inspiration.   

This is exactly what the Leaders Talk interview podcast aims to provide for its listeners. In German and English, we portray leaders from various sectors who identify with our vision of Better Leadership – Better Organizations – Better World and share their own philosophy of life with us. Our guests are executives, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs and politicians.

In our podcast, we talk about their personal stories, but also about the motivations and values that have led them to follow their exciting path. 

Latest Episode
Ep. 88: Anna Kirin

Mit Karsten spricht sie über die kulturelle und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung der FZI. Sie erzählt uns, wie es zu einer Kulturreise im Unternehmen kam und was eigentlich „Ergebnismanager mit Gestaltungswillen“ bedeutet. Außerdem teilt sie ihre Erfahrungen über ihre Jugend in der DDR und sagt uns, welche Rolle Mentor*innen in ihrem Leben gespielt haben.

Ep. 88

How is Russia two years into the war?

Anna Kirin

Ep. 87

Wie kann man Geschäftsergebnisse verbessern?

Ramona Grün

Ep. 86

How can you help people to regain hope?

Elena Nikolaienko

Ep. 85

What is the role of AI in business?

Dries Faems

Ep. 84

How to turn scientists into entrepreneurs?

Nina Patrick

Ep. 83

Wie transformiert man einen Hidden Champion?

Matthias Kempf

Leaders Talk -

Meet the Host

Karsten Drath

Meet the Host

Karsten Drath

The host and presenter is Karsten Drath, who, with his many years of management experience in various international positions, can tell many exciting stories himself, but is just as interested in the experiences of his fellow human beings.

That’s why he launched the podcast in June 2020 and has been talking to one of his guests every other week ever since. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and riding his bike around the world.

Leadership is about inspiration.

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