Ep. 68

How can businesses use neuroscience to build higher resilience?

After spending 15 years practicing as a neurologist in various countries, in 2010 Etienne made the decision to transition from the medical field and apply his research knowledge to the realm of high performance and founded the company „Neurozone”. Specifically, he sought to explore how leaders, teams, and businesses can harness the insights of neuroscience to cultivate a heightened level of resilience.

In the podcast, he talks with Karsten about the latest advancements in the field of neuroscience related to high performance. He talks about the concept of collective organs, tells us why self-leadership and leadership is basically the same thing and explains his learnings from the corona lockdown. Additionally, he shares the motivations behind establishing his own company, his perpetual quest for new experiences, and his deep-rooted passion for opera singing.