Ep. 24

What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Leaders Talk – with Gerrit McGowan.

He is an entrepreneur, community-builder, researcher, investor and founder of the Syntegrity Group, KULA.com, Effectuate Apps, ICELab Innovation Center and more than a few short-lived ventures. Today he is also Managing Director of WHU Entrepreneurship Center and WHU accelerator as well as founder and host of The Most Awesome Founder Podcast and researcher of flow in individuals, teams and entire organizations.

In the podcast he talks about his life journey with Leadership Choices‘ Managing Partner Karsten Drath. McGowan reflects on his achievements, on the ups but also the downs. He explains why the most impact one can have is on an individual level, why the most valuable resource is time and why the magic lies not in the what and when but in the why.