Ep. 10

How can we find guidance in life?

Leaders Talk – with Sherry Roberts. She is the founder & CEO of „The Longest Stay“ and has her own cooking show called „Sexy Single Dish“. Sherry started working at the age of fifteen and had almost 15 jobs by the time she was 20. She says about herself that she was „born with drive“, and that she was never afraid to get up and ask for what she wanted.

In the podcast she the story of her exciting and challenging life. She talks about her illness she got when she was 21 years old, but that she never thought of giving up and what this has to do with her father who was in the military. She also speaks about why it was so important for her personal growth to move to Europe, about the fact that her life is guided by spiritual intervention, and about her husband who has been looking after her as „Chief Angel Officer“ since his death.